Mooring Cover

This canvas covers your boat from bow to stern.

Summer Cover

This canvas snaps on at the bottom of the windshield and covers to the stern.  Customers choose these to protect their boat from sun damage and possible theft.

Convertible Top

Used with a frame system to shade or keep off rain in the seating area in the front of the boat.  Used in conjunction with side curtains and an aft or drop curtain.

Aft Curtain

Attaches to a fabric or hard top to cover the open area in the rear of the boat.

Side Curtain

The clear vinyl used on the front sides of the boat.

Cockpit Cover

Covers from the top of the windshield to the stern.  The easiest cover to use dockside.

Drop Curtain

Attaches to a fabric or hardtop to drop straight down and covers the front seating area only.  Usually has at least one zipper to enter.  Also can be made with clear vinyl to see out the back.

Console Cover

Used primarily for open fishing boats to cover the console area.  Can be fit to also cover seating.

Clear Front Connector

Used with a bimini top to enhance height and visibility.  Attaches to the top of the windshield and the front of the bimini cover.

Windshield Cover

Covers the window in front and can cover the side windows.  Generally used on larger boats.

Bridge Cover

Covers the whole bridge area.  Used instead of a bridge enclosure.

Bimini Top

Top used with frame system and a clear vinyl front connector to allow more headroom and visibility while piloting.  Covers the front seating area.  Also used on a flybridge.

Bridge Enclosure

Used in conjunction with a bimini top on a flybridge.  Made of panels with 40 gauge clear vinyl. Can also have screens. This totally encloses the bridge area.

Camper Enclosure

Side and back fabric panels are used to enclose the rear of your boat.  Can be made with solid fabric, clear vinyl, screens, or a combination of any.

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